We’re a jangly, fuzzy guitar band who like to hang around the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border. 

We'd describe ourselves as independently unpolished with dashes of introspection, cynicism, irony and humour. Tom Robinson describes us as ‘upbeat, feel good grooving sprinkled with lovely original twists’ and ‘life affirming - like a small palate-cleansing scoop of delicious lemon sorbet’.

We love writing, recording and sharing what we’ve come up with on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify and other social media outlets.

We currently have no plans to extensively tour the world - we’re happy to remain firmly plugged-in to our own electrical sockets with the blinds down and the kettle on.

Despite being quite a reclusive band with modest ambitions - we love our music to be heard outside of our own heads!

We’ve had lots of radio play and positive feedback from the likes of Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6), Dean Jackson (BBC Introducing East Midlands) and Exile Radio amongst others. We’ve also been chosen several times as a Fresh On The Net 'Fresh Fave'.

Our first album is called 'playing with dolls' and we're now releasing a series of four EPs called 'thinking is free' leading up to a new album later this year.